Kat Schamens

Kat Schamens is a creator of colorful designs, magical activewear for Katasana Apparel and a lover of teaching yoga to all ages. Her first yoga teacher training occurred in the heart of Fashion District at OM Factory. Kat loved expressing her bright sparkly colorful self from the inside out. She started sewing her own yoga pants to spice up her practice and life! The sparklies became contagious, and Kat was driven to create her own line of Katasana Apparel. With a strong passion for living life to its fullest and always having a fun time, Kat likes to carry these aspects into her daily practice of yoga on and off the mat. With a strong emphasis on charging the omnipresent panic energy within, Kat enjoys using this force to inspire movement. Kat encourages her students to connect to the structure of the pose and blossom from that seed in order to move in a creative fashion. Her playful approach to yoga taps into the pure innocence within, bringing out the inner child to shine. Her yoga classes are created to stimulate the imagination while formulating a grounding foundation to enable one to be equally lifted and rooted. Her goal is to continue inspiring students of all ages to dig deep in their practice to discover their inner sparkle, thus encouraging one to express themselves from that place all while embracing all the love, magic, and beauty that the yoga practice has to offer. Since receiving her initial 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa training from OM Factory NYC, Kat has completed various other trainings, including 200 hours of Advanced training from Laughing Lotus in Ayurveda, Bhakti, Sequencing, and Fly 500 hours of Life of a Yogi training from Dharma Mittra and she is currently enrolled in Dharma's 800 hour yoga teacher training. For more behind the scenes of Kat's life, follow her on Instagram KatSparkleYoga Katasana_Apparel, or on her website at www.KatSchamens.com.

Kat Schamens

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