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Teacher: Nathan Lowry
Length: 66 mins.
Difficulty: Level 2

Binding poses are a doubled edged sword: they can open up your yoga practice to new heights, or they can hold you back. Binds can hurt us or help us. The Yoga Sutras say that attachments are a significant obstacle to freedom and happiness. And yet, building attachments seems to be a necessary step on the path of life. How can we leverage our attachments, and the ego that creates them, into radical transformation? This flowing yoga sequence offers an opportunity to explore the binds that can hold you prisoner or set you free. Find space in the hips, separate the trunk from the legs, and open the heart. Find your bind! Have two blocks and a blanket available for this practice that was filmed by Nathan Lowry at Yoga Vida. (66 mins.)

Nathan Lowry

Nathan Lowry's yoga classes teach movement and sitting practices that empower students, bringing attention to both focused effort and alignment. Nathan invites you to get more out of life today Find vitality, health, peace of mind and an open heart to move through your daily life in a balanced way. Nathan lives in Brooklyn, NY and teaches at Yoga Vida.

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